Rebecca Verstraete – Interior Design

Mechelsesteenweg 84

“We use our location as a showroom, as well as an atelier. In the latter we offer an enormous supply of fabrics, tapestries, wallpaper, etc. These samples play a central role in constructing moodboards for our clients. From thereon, we play with colors, textures and materials to come to a unique design. Besides the decoration of the interior, we also focus on interior architecture. renovations go hand in hand with decoration and give us the opportunity to deliver the total package for our clients."

Presenting Victoria Lebrun

Victoria Lebrun (1998, France) completed her master degree in Fashion design at the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts of Antwerp by presenting her new womenswear collection « CARRÉMENT! » in June 2023.

She is orienting her artistic design process to the development of a vivid graphical and colored fashion language. Victoria is currently working as a designer assistant at Courrèges, Paris.

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