Leopoldstraat 4

88 Gallery London focuses on 20th century and contemporary collectible design.

While searching the market for original pieces, we collaborate with a growing number of contemporary artists and designers such as Abel Cárcamo, Ado Chale, Roxane Lahidjhi, Timothy Schreiber, Ben Storms and Roberta Verteramo.

Our leitmotivs are authenticity and originality. Erik Müllendorff, the gallery owner, has published on 20th century cabinet making in the Furniture History Society Journal and serves on the vetting committees of several international art and design fairs.

Presenting Alessio Ragno Capone

"Ragno’s practice was born with assemblage of found materials, often natural and artificial leftovers in juxtaposition, both carrying signs of time and decay.

This attempt of art making turned into approaching spaces in a sculptural way, making his focus the process of extraction of matter, which is typically undetectable in the formality of presenting a finished artwork.

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