Victoria Lebrun

On view
at Rebecca Verstraete – Interior Design

Victoria Lebrun (1998, France) completed her master degree in Fashion design at the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts of Antwerp by presenting her new womenswear collection « CARRÉMENT! » in June 2023.

She studied literature, science and fine arts for two years in Paris before joining the Royal Academy in 2018. Her Bachelor collection was awarded the SOFAM prize (2022) and she collaborated with Belgian brand Komono to design an eyewear collection as part of her master collection (2023).

She is orienting her artistic design process to the development of a vivid graphical and colored fashion language. Victoria is currently working as a designer assistant at Courrèges, Paris.

Victoria Lebrun’s 2023 collection « CARRÉMENT! » explores the interplay between 2D and 3D in fashion graphic representations and is an invitation to wander into an abstract colorful world of glossy paper. Inspired by artists like Ann Truitt and Erwin Wurm, she employs color blocking to create impactful minimalist silhouettes.
Her coupe concept emphasizes image manipulation process such as cutting and pasting or reducing and enlarging proportions.
Playing with images in magazines, drawing on top and cutting them out of the pages was her first interaction with fashion. This collection is somehow a tribute to every beginning. 

Contact info:
Instagram: @vivevic