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Presenting Manu Van Guijze

Manu Van Guijze (interior design graduate at KASK Gent, currently studying visual arts at Sint-Lucas Antwerp) is fascinted by textile. Her latest project (Un)Controlled Colors explores ways to dye textile naturally. The result is a series of cotton and linen cloths with interesting color effects, achieved by extracting pigment from beets, onion peels, red cabbage, turmeric and red wine. Manu’s work showcases her interest in softness, color and wellbeing.

Presenting Helin Gümüs


The project explores the search for a personal identity through a created visual language that is based on the heritage of the designer and the patterns of Middle Eastern carpets. Each Middle Eastern rug tells a story, through the meanings of the different motifs on the carpet but Gümüs plays with the shapes and colours without having to attach great significance to them. She leaves out the meanings or the stories of the motifs, when she is designing new shapes. But afterwards she names her works with the name of the shape she started from. She created a new identity true shapes and colors.