Lucia Femia

on view at Kavka Oudaan and Life Is Art Gallery.

Lucia Femia is a versatile artist and thinker based in Antwerp,  with roots in both Peru and Italy. From a young age, her life has been a journey  around the world, accompanying her parents on their humanitarian projects.  Embracing a neo-nomadic lifestyle, she draws inspiration from this rich tapestry  of experiences and carries a deep commitment to reimagining societal norms. 

With a scientific background in sociology, anthropology, and political  sciences1, Lucia Femia embarked2 on an artistic journey of exploration  and discovery, delving into the realms of speculative thinking and ecofeminism.  This solid academic foundation laid the groundwork for an artistic practice that  challenges conventional narratives and aims to inspire societal transformation. 


"My work is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. I want to fusion of art, philosophy, and social activism to invoke thought provoking installations that encourage viewers to question the status quo and envision a more inclusive and harmonious world. Through the artistic process, I seek to Invoke collective healing and empower individuals to become active participants in shaping their communities and the planet. 

In a world often stifled by conventional narratives, I embark on a creative journey that fuses artistic expression with deep anthropological research. It’s not merely about telling stories; it’s about questioning which stories are told, through which words, materials, and gestures. In an era overshadowed by the formidable forces of capitalism and the Anthropocene, we often overlook the profound interconnectedness between thoughts, ideas, spaces, bodies, and beings, finding ourselves trapped in crystallised cocoons. Through intricate in terplay, me and you can weave string figures with ancient mythologies, modern legends, contemporary sciences, and emerging practices. This assemblages come to life, escaping the confines of cold theoretical walls and embracing the ongoing game of practice. 

My aim is to narrate the tale of our globalised world, one steeped in colonial hyper-individualism, behavioural engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. Yet, it’s also the story of a potential future where machines and multispecies coalesce, perpetually metamorphosing and nurturing the growth of constellations of thought. 

This artistic exploration spans an array of mediums, from the cacophony of trash and sound pollution to the ethereal realms of digital and virtual utopias, all harmonized with the nuances of poetry. In this pursuit, I want to challenge existing symbolisms and myths, seeking to step beyond our anthropocentric perspective. 

Ultimately, I seek for healing, not only by presenting alternative narratives but also by inviting viewers to reimagine their place within the cosmic tapestry. It’s a fusion of art and anthropology, a creative endeavor that seeks to rekindle our connection with the universe and illuminate the path towards a more holistic and empathetic world— an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of symbiotic relationships. 

On view at Kavka Oudaan and Life Is Art Gallery