Kavka Oudaan

Oudaan 14

Kavka is an open and creative house for youth in the heart of Antwerp city. The multitude of activities and partners makes Kavka a vibrant networking place with strong connections between organisations, young people and the public. Kobra is an artistic project from Kavka, in which young people from different backgrounds can mix art, in all its possible forms. Kobra offers young artists a platform and support as they take their first steps in the creative sector. 



Iris Plu

Iris Plu is a master's student at Sint-Lucas Antwerp. With her background in photography, she has spent the past year exploring new territory in the world of sculpting.

 With Inhibited she explores the power of watching and of being watched. How do you present yourself? How does another person view you? How does your behavior change as a result of being observed?

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Lucia Femia

Lucia Femia is a versatile artist and thinker based in Antwerp,  with roots in both Peru and Italy. From a young age, her life has been a journey  around the world, accompanying her parents on their humanitarian projects.  Embracing a neo-nomadic lifestyle, she draws inspiration from this rich tapestry  of experiences and carries a deep commitment to reimagining societal norms. 

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Lise Van Wersch

Growing up on a diet of questionable body standards, beauty trends and widely non existing self acceptance along women she uses her sculptures and within the female body as a political tool. She founded the online archive THE SIRENS COLLECTIVE and talks and creates around the topic of sexual harassment. 

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Paulina Kaval

"Dit is waar het toe Leidt".

A three-part performance that takes place in a triptych installation. Over the three days of To Be Antwerp, the basement of Kavka will become a space in which Paulina Kaval performs being. Inspired by the three card Tarot reading, the artist looks at time, ways of living and the act of storytelling.

Mara Standaert

In Veranderende Tijden probeer ik de (on)zichtbare patronen van het vergankelijkheidsproces en de impact hiervan in beeld te brengen. Eenmaal ik werd geconfronteerd met de vergankelijkheid van mijn familie, besefte ik dat we allemaal maar een klein stofje zijn op de rok van het universum.

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Anastasija Polishchuk

"Ik bekijk de ruimte als een lege kamer die ik volledig naar mijn verlangen kan invullen. Zo veel en benauwd mogelijk. Dit vergelijk ik met herinneringen van de kermis; een plek waar iedereen samenkomt om even de gedachten te verzetten en zich te amuseren, die volstaat met kraampjes en attracties dat het publiek lokt, waar zich oneindig veel impulsen afspelen. Er kan geen leegte overblijven. Ik benoem dit facet als de ‘horrorvacui’; schrik van de leegte. Maar desondanks de ruimte volledig te benutten, ontstaat er ergens een porositeit..."

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Jobbe Hermans

Jobbe Lowie Hermans (Belgium, 1999) Graduated from the Royal Academy of fine arts Antwerp in 2023.

How do you depict a dream or memory?
Looking for shapes in the Abstract, or losing them.
The dream fills in what the memory forgets.
But with what? 
I tend to go far off in the wrong direction.
Find beauty in clawing my way back. 

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Lena Mariën

Het landschap wanneer het denkt dat er niemand kijkt

Lena maakt kostuums voor personages met één voet in een droomwereld en één voet in een realiteit die even banaal als hilarisch is. 

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Emile Pison-Diepvens

Emile Pison also known as MIPI is a photographer, 3D artist, and graphic designer based in Antwerp, Belgium.

MIPI is a multidisciplinary artist who creates photography works that seamlessly blend 3D elements with poetry. They are known for their calming and poetic imagery that evokes a sense of tranquility and introspection. With a keen eye for detail and a unique perspective, MIPI's work is both visually striking and thought-provoking.

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Raquel Cordon

I am an artist specialized in prints and drawings. I find inspiration in the landscapes that define my everyday existence. Through my work I capture the essence of these captivating environments. With my art I invite people to share my experience with nature and my unique perspective.

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Esra Ozdemir

Resting Beauty,
See a space. See the faded cracks in concealed words. See the pieces that rose beyond flower fields. See the vanished faces left behind. See the raindrops found in engraved days. See the passerby as passing by. See the textured face in a petals eye. See the frozen lump on a sunny day. See the quiet words in humble sounds. See the forgiven days lost in forgotten ways.

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