Lange Gasthuisstraat 33

Het Maagdenhuis was a girls' orphanage up until 1882. The orphans, called 'maegdeckens', received education there, learned to sew and lace and carried out household tasks. In addition to the collection of works by the great masters, the historic house tells the sensitive story of the care of Antwerp's foundlings, orphans and poverty throughout the centuries. Furthermore, Het Maagdenhuis organizes temporary exhibitions and a broad range of cultural events.

Presenting Árni Jóhnsson

Árni Jónsson (b. 1989) is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in woodworking, digital media, and installations. His art is characterized by a simple, humorous, and direct approach, allowing him to express personal thoughts and capture past and imagined events. He holds a BA from The Iceland University of The Arts (2016) and a Master's degree from the Royal Academy in Antwerp (2023).


Goodbye Christmas Jeep

Living room

Shirt for Dad

Gravestone, a naked man looking for his cufflinks 

Table and window