Emile Pison-Diepvens

On view at Kavka Oudaan.


Roads spread after a passage of time, time is limited and the limitation is
terrifying. The concept of goodbyes is a deepening of feelings of happiness
and sadness, the balance is in action every time and there is nothing we can
do to control it. Mental health is a factor that affects life, the tarnishing of life
is sometimes a hard blow, I don't know if I can get out of this but I'm not
laying down my arms yet

In my "Bitter/sweet" project, I guide people through my battle with the
demoralising effects of poor mental health as well as the steps I take to
overcome this. The past few months have been a challenging journey in
which I've used photography as a means of expressing my inner feelings.
Along the way, I've picked up a thread that has helped me find everyday
inspiration to get out of bed and get the sheer willpower to wake up again.

My mind is filled with everyday events that have been converted into clear
but abstract imagery. The visuals in my head are a continuation of the visions
and daydreams that commonly surfaced during my everyday internal
dialogue and talks with myself. each image translated a moment where I was
struggling or where I had a bright spot, no image is specifically positive or
negative, the glass is not half empty or half full, I am still trapped but I am
trying my best.

Despite the challenges I encountered, the photography project also
developed into a way for me to communicate my emotions and find comfort.
It acted as a catharsis for me, helping me to externalise my challenges and
discover a sense of direction amidst the confusion. Even in the midst of my
own struggles, I was able to see moments of beauty and strength via the
lens of my camera. The photography project ultimately served as a testament to the ability of art to serve as a form of therapy and self-

While it was undoubtedly difficult to continuously face my own mental health,
the process made me face my situation and look for the aid and tools I
needed to start down the path to wellbeing. Through this project, I was able
to nurture a deeper awareness of who I am and the value of self-care in
addition to producing meaningful photos.

As my end project at the academy of photography in Sint-Lucas, I was the
first and only student who graduated with only photography made with
artificial intelligence. This makes my work and myself a pioneer in this art
form at the university.



On view at Kavka Oudaan