Sigurrós G. Björnsdóttir

Sigurrós G. Björnsdóttir


What do you consider as home?

I would say home for me is both Antwerp and Reykjavík, I live and work in Antwerp and spend most of my time here but Reykjavík is the place I grew up in, plus my family and many of my close friends are there.

Where is your atelier based?

It’s in the south of Antwerp in a house that used to be an atelier where stained glass was made.

Is there a difference in working in Iceland or Antwerp?

Yes and no. Iceland is more expensive, like materials, tools and things like that. And finding an atelier (and living space) for a decent price is way more difficult than in Antwerp. Before I moved here I was working all the time, in two different jobs, had a tiny studio at home and not much time to spend
there. On the other hand, Iceland is small and I know more people there so its sometimes easier to get things done fast and get favours and assistance through some random acquaintance or connections. Both places have an active and fun art scene and many exhibitions and events to go to
and meet people, so I think in that way it’s similar.

What was the story behind your master project?

My master project, 8 Stories, consists of free-standing sculptures and wall pieces mostly made of concrete and ceramics. Along with the sculptures, I wrote short stories that accompanied the works, one story for each sculpture. The stories and the sculptures are connected, there are hints and clues in the stories that refer to some elements (like photographs, drawings and small ceramic objects) on the sculptures and vice versa. I made the publication Grandmother’s tissue holder, grumpy trail marker and other things, including texts and photographs I took and collected, which became the starting point for the project in many ways.

How do place your sculptures in a space? Like “The Hat”, “The Meeting”? or How do you want your sculptures to interact in a space?

It’s very much based on intuition the way I place my sculptures in space. When I make the sculptures I know how I want to present them, hung on the wall, placed on the floor etc. but how they interact with each other in a space is just trying different things out until I feel like its balanced.

How do you want people to react/feel when them?

I would be happy if people felt curiosity and the works shifted something in their mood. A little smile or a smirk is a bonus.

What are you showing during To Be Antwerp?

A sculpture. Or sculptures.

How was being at the Antwerp Academy?

Fun, confusing, important, flavourful, rewarding …

Maybe you have an advise for people who start now?
Hmmm. Try to enjoy it as much as you can because time flies!

When will we see your work next?

If you are in Reykjavík you can see a work of mine at Gallery Port in December and in January I will take part in an exhibition at Z33 in Hasselt. After that, few more projects are approaching, so stay tuned!