Marc Martha

Marc Martha

Fred & Zorro

– Tell me a little more about yourself! Who is Marc Martha?

I was born in Curacao, am 24 years old , a master graduate from the Royal Academy of Fine arts Antwerp and Founder and creative director of the luxury brand MARTHA.

– What do you consider home? (referring to the fact that you just graduated from the academy in Antwerp and you move between workspace/living space/…)

For me home is my atelier. It is not only the place where I spend most of my time but it is also where I feel truly comfortable and inspired.

– How did you end up at the academy in Antwerp?

I was always in love with drawing but during my high school in Amsterdam my love for art and fashion really started growing. I wanted to push my skills further and become one of the best and the academy of Antwerp is listed at the top of the world. I moved to Antwerp and fell in love with the creative vibe in the city.

-What is the story behind your master’s project?

For my masters project I imagined: what if the world would end and the last survivor would be a black woman. How would she recreate the world, how would she reconstruct fashion with her tribal heritage and how would she find a new balance between the organic and the plastic elements that we leave behind? My research led me to the Herero tribe that wear military uniforms but give them new meaning, because they believe that by wearing the enemy’s uniform the wearer can take some of its strength and make it their own.

– Describe your work process, how do you start a work?

My work process is very organic, when I start a new work, I look at all the context that I have been interested in at that point in time. This can range from books to paintings, contemporary art to video games. I try to look around me as well as what is happening in society, what are people feeling and what do they want to say. At the same time I dive deeper into my heritage, the African and Caribbean culture.

– Is there a person (e.g. an artist, or this could be anyone) who has influenced your practice?

The Caribbean artist Tirzo Martha is someone that really influenced my practice. In his book ‘I hope they laugh when I’m dead’ he talks about an artwork that is made up of combined elements of his youth. He called it his Self-portrait. For me every collection has to be personal, elements from my collections could all be added up and the result would be a self-portrait of me.

– How do you want people to react/feel when they observe your work?

I want to spark a curiosity in the viewers of my work. I want them to think about black culture to get to know our culture more and more.

– Can you describe what you are working on right now?

Whatever happens the sun will rise again on the horizon, this a powerful message of hope and the base for the new collection I am working on.

– If you could give 1 tip to students who are just now starting at the art academy, what would you give them?

Enjoy it as much as possible, it is okay to struggle sometimes it is part of the process that will make you stronger. Never forget that you are doing what you love!