Mechelsesteenweg 105

Presenting Billie Q (Jill Bertels)

At To Be, she will show 'Vaslav'. This video work is an interpretation of legendary Polish-Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky's last choreography. At a Red Cross benefit in 1919, Nijinsky left the audience bewildered. After twenty minutes of staring at the audience, the dancer ferociously and terrifyingly performed an improvised dance he called 'the war'. This was followed by a minimalist choreography to Chopin, that turned out to be Nijinsky's very last dance ever. Nijinsky left the stage with the words: 'Now the little horse is tired.'


'Vaslav' is Billie Q's tribute to a particularly gifted and sensitive man who lost touch with the outside world.

The artist will also show two photographic self-portraits, memento mori with a strong affinity to the video work on show.