The Other Space

Mechelsesteenweg 38 A

The Other Space is a gallery and co-working space by and for young artists in the centre of Antwerp. The Other Space focuses on everything that falls under the label ''creative'' with the tagline ''creative co-working''. The workspace has three rooms that are currently occupied by three creatives and one larger room on the ground floor where exhibitions of young artists take place. For some time now, it has also been providing an experimental platform for young artists to exhibit their work in their display window.

Presenting Kexin Zhang

"In my projects I usually work on social issues or the relationship between humans and the natural environment or animals. As a jewellery designer, I prefer to work with non-traditional jewellery materials. Depending on the needs of my projects I experiment with different materials and try to create designs that are not traditionally worn. This can sometimes lead to my work not very “jewellery -like”."

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