Mechelseplein 24

Presenting Elise Willems

The creative process involves a back and forth communication between digital drawing/rendering software and analogue painting methods in an attempt to blur the line between the 2D and 3D space. The paintings on canvas show a fragment of the digital realm they are ‘taken’ from. The composition of the works are created by navigating through the digital models, in search for interesting places to capture in 2D.

Painting these virtual worlds and thus creating them in the real world questions our seemingly certain reality. The work reflects on how we are dealing with the fusion of our physical and virtual lives and how we experience this hybrid reality.

Presenting Yasmine Akondo

Yasmine (visual artist) endeavors to create scenes where stories can take place. These stories question life, existence, history, and future by setting up an enduring, transcendental moment in the now.

Every story, every rule, can be changed. Visually she translates this into sculptures and installations, which the body can activate by performing.  Often it is the materiality of the space that will influence the performing body.



In the world that she tends to create, she crafts out of point zero. The unknown, a void in which everything is still open, undefined, and therefore possible. All at the same time. Thematically it covers ways of existing. She explores the universe and its ways, by taking an interest in philosophies, (hi)stories, and myths around the world. And of course her own imagination and ways of thinking. 

Presenting Myrthe Coenen

I have a strong affinity for earthly materials such as clay and metal. In my world, these materials transform into organic and grounded sculptures. I look for links and connections. Powerful physical links return in various forms.