N. Vrouyr

Komedieplaats 4-6

"Founded in de Haag in 1917, N. Vrouyr has existed since 1920 at the Komedieplaats in Antwerp and offers a wide choice of modern and antique carpets, textiles and contemporary designs. The gallery is located in a building of three houses and comprises three floors, including a restoration studio. A library is also open to the public. Vrouyr2 offers small art objects and various curiosities.”

Presenting Delphine Spinnox

My artwork reflects an imaginary and mysterious world, filled with chaos and wonder.
Inspired by the deep sea and its creatures, I found solace in ceramics as I struggled to
translate my imagination digitally. Discovering the puzzling process of sculpting clay, I felt
inspired to create my own mysterious creatures, fueled by my fascination with imagined beings on our planet.

The unpredictability of clay sculptures fascinated me — the unknown end results, the
departure from a world obsessed with perfection and predictability. In a realm dominated by AI, where imagination is replaced by polished outputs, relinquishing control, and embracing imperfection became liberating. Clay sculptures were a gateway to uncertainty, where shapes transformed in the kiln and glazes held delightful surprises. This process became an exciting exploration, allowing the monsters I created to take on their own life, subtly mutating along the way.

My artwork invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world that defies comprehension but brims with infinite possibilities. It is a tribute to the mysterious depths of the ocean and the captivating creatures that dwell within it.

Delphine Spinnox