Melina Miglionico

On view
at De Slegte.

Course of my memories, core of my memory.

First of all, how are you feeling?

I started my new art journey at Sint Lucas Antwerp, Bachelor year 1 to year 3. Then finished my Master Autonoom there. Started from realistic paintings, to experimenting with color, to finding my own way in art.

Letting my art speak for itself, letting mistakes happen and seeing if I can ambrace them. A Bit more abstract at moments but not with less meaning. 

I mainly worked around trauma, loss, architecture and self portraits. I compared the struggle and journey of growing (while accepting help, untill you are strong enough to continue on yourself) with a building being under construction.

These following artworks are a representation of a place that holds my memories. An overview of my emotions and a dream like state where windows can distort the view of our world and emotions.

So again my question to you, how are you feeling?

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Or text me at 0468 26 00 46 

On view at De Slegte.