This is Luca Sági. Graduated
as a jewellery designer at the
Royal Academy of Antwerp.

Instagram @momo_luc

1. Where would we have met in case you were in Antwerp for the interview?

Probably we would have met on the riverbank next to Het Eilandje’s historic port cranes, that is one of my favourite places in Antwerp. I love the combination of water and the monstrous industrial structures.

2. Where is your atelier based? Is there a difference in working in Budapest or Antwerp?

I have my own atelier in Budapest. Also if needed I have the possibility of working in the atelier of the Royal Academy in Antwerp. When I am working in Budapest it is an isolating experience because I am all alone all day long while in Antwerp I had classmates around me all the time. The similarity between the two is the process of figuring out the infrastructure of jewellery suppliers, stone setters, metal casters etc. Being part of a closed community where everybody knows and helps each other is the same in both places.

3. What was the story behind your master project?

Usually, I express my experience and feelings through my jewellery but in the case of my master project, the goal was to work on a more global subject. After reading articles about climate change, I decided to involve myself more in this theme, putting emphasis on water crises. I observed water as a vital element for survival and at the same time ‘enemy’ of the inhabitants of Earth. I have investigated the topic through different approaches in the subject of interdependence and cause-effect. My main questions were “what happens if the quality or quantity of water changes”, “how does water influence our environment” and “how do we as humans have an effect on water”. The collection refers to the possible consequences of the pollution that we cause.

4. What are the starting points of your creative work/process?

My starting point is usually a thought, a concept or an observation. I dive into my topic by looking for information and subsequently trying to find conclusions. In my master project’s case, I have been strongly influenced by a video about the droughts in India, in 2019.

5. How do you want people to react/feel when they observe your work?

I would like to make them curious to explore the different layers of my work. It starts from the visual aspects of the designs leading up to the meaning. My pieces aim to create awareness, make people think about the topic and show how fundamentally water affects our life. 

6. How do you want people to feel when wearing your jewellery?

I want them to feel that jewellery is not just a meaningless decoration of the body. By wearing them, not only they can express their taste and thoughts but also can convey a message.

7. How was being at the Antwerp Academy? Maybe you have an advise for people who start now?

I really enjoyed studying at the Academy. Besides the studies, the students and teachers of the jewellery department create a real community. I would advise freshers to be open-minded, try and use as much techniques, tools, machines, materials as they can. I also encourage them to experiment ceaselessly because after graduating it is challenging to find time and opportunity to do that.

8. Could you describe thing you are busy with now?

I am busy with several projects at the moment. As a continuation of my diploma project, I work on new steel pieces, beside that, I have a couple of wedding ring commissions and within the framework of a traineeship programme I am assisting in creating a new jewellery collection.