Lene Van Look | Architecture

Mechelseplein 25

Presenting Max Beets

Max Beets makes sculptures with found material, reconstructing broken objects in a fictive archeology of the discarded. 

Filling in the missing and the broken, he explores how much of what has disappeared we get to reimagine ourselves. What is lost, and what remains? What is worth keeping?

Presenting Theadora Roditis

My project is constructed out of a series of oil paintings on paper. This work has been created as an expression of my fascination for rock formations and landscape.

I create objective geographies by detecting organic patterns in a landscape and acknowledging the infinite possibilities of synthesizing colors, forms, and viewing positions, so that new visual compositions can be created. This has led to a conversion of rational and scientific ways of understanding the physical world, into expressive representations.

Presenting Mengyu Yang

My work is about the subtle emotions that I feel in the daily life. Not those extremely happy or sad emotions, but more like slightly anxiety, curiosity, ambivalent feelings. Most of the time we just ignore or forget those tiny details immediately. I tried to capture those emotions and enlarge them with my works.

I mostly work with tiny stuffs but large quantity. So that the small things could get power themselves. And as I think the way to present the work is also part of itself. With this format my paintings can always play with them depends on the space and the mood.

Presenting Anne-Joëlle Jacobs

"Close Encounters turned out to be a personal project with a special result. I did not want to go somewhere obvious, so I set off on a journey that others had already made for me. Using photographic archives that I collected from my family, I fell in love with the place Lanzarote, which I had never visited before.

I wanted to capture Lanzarote in my own way. To go into detail, but at the same time not to portray the place too literally. I am satisfied that I succeeded in this, in my own way. You could say that a number of images could have been made somewhere else. This also shows the power of humans. The island itself is unique, something you cannot find anywhere else. 

My project started out as a travel diary, but it turned into something completely different. 

I wanted to create something with what I had, so I decided to pour it into collages. My images and those of my family are incorporated into these. This was a conscious choice, as this whole project started with these images. I consider the combination with my own photographic work to be very fitting for my project."