Angelique De Limburg

On view at Sint-Joriskerk.

Angelique De Limburg


My paintings draw on mythology, dreams, and folklore, exploring the mysteries of the world.

Working primarily with oil paint on loose canvases which I lay flat on the ground, I consider my paintings to be made in an organic manner.
With these tools, I create a world that is close to ours but presents a different layer of reality, in which nature and all its forces are stronger. Certain rituals enable us to enter there. At times when the separation between our world, and this unreal world becomes thinner, we can feel the magic that lies on the other side. Such moments take place when the sun sets, but when it isn’t yet night. In French we call this moment entre chien et loup.

My subject matters often feature nude figures placed in a harsh natural setting, where they are vulnerable and exposed.

My work reflects on non-tangible states that exist beyond our physical reality, and I hope to inspire viewers to explore these states within themselves.

Angelique De Limburg

Angélique de Limburg is a 27-year-old artist from Belgium who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2023. Born into a family of artists, Angélique has always had a passion for painting and draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including the dreamworld, mythology, folklore, and the natural world.

After completing a bachelor's degree in economics and a pre master in archaeology and art history, Angélique decided to pursue her calling fully and devote herself to her art. She uses a variety of materials and techniques to capture the beauty, harmony, and mystery of the natural world and human nature itself.

Angélique's work is characterized by a sense of mysticism and a deep connection to the natural world. She seeks to reinvent traditional themes

and motifs in new and innovative ways, exploring the relationship between humanity and the environment and drawing upon the rich cultural heritage of her native Belgium.

On view at Sint-Joriskerk.



"The Opening" at L'Artichaut, Brussels, March 2017
"Late in the Evening" at In Situ Huis, Antwerp, May 2022
"The Bachelor's Party" at Hopland, Antwerp, June 2022

"Bachelor's Exhibition" at Wintertuin Royal Academy, Antwerp, September 2022

"Twilight" at Galerie Charraudeau, Paris, November 2022

"Wassalon" Master Exhibition of the Students of the Royal Academy, Antwerp, February 2023

"Babele" at Spazio Muza, Turin, 2023

“Remastered”, The Annex, Wouter de Bruyckere Gallery, Antwerp, 2023

 “Master Expo”, Royal academy of Antwerp, Juin, 2023