AM Designs

Mechelsesteenweg 100

am studio, an art gallery housed in a renovated town house near the city center of Antwerp, provides a timeless platform for artists with whom we have created a valuable relationship. Since April 2019, am studio offers a neutral and non-traditional art gallery environment for young, inspiring artists. It is the owner’s desire to seek and create opportunities for emerging artists, by introducing their art to our international network. On the other hand, am studio is equally committed to maximize the interaction between artist and the Antwerp audience, by exhibiting new art for the first time in Antwerp.


Presenting Malena Guerrieri

In her work, Malena Guerrieri is interested in the experience of space and time, and strives to create open, non-figurative, non-narrative forms that offer the viewer a ‘mysterious, dreamlike journey’.

Malena Guerrieri was born in Buenos Aires in 1989. In 2023 she graduated with an MA from the In-Situ art department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

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