Wout Van Lith

On view
at Heilige Geest church

Mission and Vision: In my artistic practice, I aim to showcase various paths to creating artwork by challenging traditional approaches. For instance, I question the established dimensions and materials used in supporting stones for balconies, exploring the origins historical inspiration, and cultural variations. By doing so, I aim to inspire people to broaden their perspectives and embrace the possibility of different outcomes.

Recuperated Materials and Exploration: I utilize recuperated materials in my artwork because they carry a sense of mystery, having had a previous life that often remains unknown. Additionally, there is an abundance of usable materials and objects surrounding us that can be given a new life. I often visit flee markets and secondhand shops, seeking unique items. While I appreciate the unpredictability of these sources, there are certain materials I may need to purchase new.

The elaborateness of the Creative Process: I contemplate whether the process itself holds more interest and value than the final outcome. I ponder the notion of continuous improvement and whether working on something further would make it "better." I also question when individuals perceive a work as completed, exploring the idea of embracing an artwork before it reaches the traditional definition of completion.

The Individual's Influence: Each individual brings their unique perspective, tools, materials, and actions to their creative process. This interplay between the individual and these factors results in different outcomes in actions, thinking, working, and living. It can be compared to an equation, where the individual's input interacts with materials, tools, and actions to
produce an outcome.

Embracing Change and Process: I contemplate the role of change in determining an artwork and how the creative process itself is influenced by change. The equal symbol (=) can be seen as a metaphorical wall that one can go through under the right circumstances. There is much that remains unknown and not fully understood, and not everything needs to be deciphered. Advances in science have expanded our understanding, but there is still room for hypotheses and a sense of wonder.

Embracing Imperfections and Order: I intentionally allow imperfections in my work to highlight its handmade nature and preserve the artist's touch. Even when patterns or details enlarge or shrink, these imperfections remain subtly visible. The path taken to reach an outcome often holds more interest than the outcome itself.

Through my work, I also aim to encourage people to question the reasons behind established practices, inviting them to consider alternative approaches. I want individuals to reflect on how they would approach the same medium and explore the differences between their own work and mine. Additionally, I raise questions about when a work is considered finished and challenge the notion of embracing something before reaching that point.

On view at Heilige Geest Parochie.