Life Is Art Gallery

Sint-Jorispoort 23

Presenting Ivan Tomasevic

Plima (2022) – Ivan Tomasevic Ivan Tomasevic's work lies between documentary and narrative fiction, exploring the topics of conflict, memory and place. With Plima, we dive into the world of the war veteran community of Tomasevic's father. The series shows the daily reality and friendship between the veterans. With this work, Tomasevic hopes to initiate a discussion about the necessary social changes that would provide the underrepresented communities with the adequate opportunities and support. Many veterans in today's Croatia have been marginalized as a result of military trauma and their inability to reintegrate socially. Despite the sacrifices they made during the conflict, they receive hardly any support and are left to their fate. Plima is the Croatian word for "high tide", used as a radio code signal during the Croatian War of Independence.

Presenting Rune Tuerlinckx

Bearings for the way home

I figured, in these unclaimed territories, it is best to bring a coat.

Analogues by Rune


Presenting Justine Lambrechts

Justine Lambrechts’ practice explores the integration of the sculptural within the painted. By focusing on materiality as a starting point, she studies the rendition of abstract clay and stone sculptures in relation to paint. The translation of these earthly materials, with their own tangible properties and medium-specific logic, causes a loss of context and feeling of alienation of the subject when brought to a flat surface, internalizing the sculptures’ material properties. In these trompe-l’oeils, a friction is created between the depicted subject and it’s painted counterpart.

This estrangement amplifies when exaggerating with scale. Small stone and clay models are both being enlarged and shrunk. Moreover, they are stripped of any context by not providing them with a background. As a consequence, the materiality of the isolated object itself becomes the main point of reference rather than its surrounding and context. By manipulating the depiction of these naturally shaped objects, they become subtly infiltrated by the artificial.

Presenting Laura Nierinck

My work is an installation in which painting, photography, video and sound come together.

I invite the viewer to experience how I look at nature and to reflect on the concept of curated landscapes.

I created this installation to express my amazement but at the same time to speak about the tension between nature and human interaction with it.

I was drawn to the subject of curated landscapes because a certain duality emerges that intrigues me and that I wanted to explore further.

Curated landscapes have been a fascination for a long time. Growing up in the centre of Antwerp, every form of nature that surrounded me was planned and curated, in other words, man-made.

I spend most of my time in the botanical garden, one of the clearest examples of a curated landscape.