Mechelsesteenweg 115

Presenting Alexandra Puscas

Wood, pigment, Romania, landscape, wax, intuition and folklore are words that represent me as a person. My work is created by working in a very intuitive and spontaneous way. With materials, namely: wax, wood, linen, pigment, found materials and oil paint.
The work arises from moving and almost dancing with materials. I engage in a dialogue with the wearer himself, battling with the material, the colour and the image I sketch. I always try to extract the purest, by letting the subconscious take over.

After a long search, the hands take over the action and all reason disappears. I seek a balance between heavy and light, soft and brutal, figurative and abstract. I strive for new discoveries in the essence of painting. More specifically, the relationship between forms, matter, how they behave is influenced by surface and scale. My work is in constant transformation, as one image lays a foundation for the next.