Grupa ZAPORA from Poland,
present “SPORRING” to you.


We invite you to a gymnastic dance, performative training of relieving the tensions. We claim that humans are tough creatures, we can survive in various states of danger, we use various defense mechanisms to “wait out” the worst. Probably nowadays we are also all aware that prolonged exposure to stress always brings huge losses. Negative experiences, even if they are of a low intensity, must find a vent somewhere. Our tense bodies and suspicious minds have already created quite a lot of unnecessary blockages that would be worth breaking. The group’s activity will be a psycho-physical journey inside oneself, relaxing not only the muscles, but also the emotional blockages. There is no place for “fall short” here. The manifestation of internal tensions and a public attempt to relieve them is the willingness to deal with the dynamically changing situation and the uncertainty of tomorrow. Everything in the old, good dance style, in the atmosphere of a fitness club. We will learn each other’s gestures, positions and figures; we quietly hope that, despite the physical barriers that separate us, every person in the area will want to join us in some way.