Chiara Monteverde

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Cameragas Con Neve Bianca 

Friday Nov 25: 19u30 at Toneelhuis, Komedieplaats 18

Saturday Nov 26: 13u30 at Heilige Geestkerk, Mechelsesteenweg 115

Sunday Nov 27: 14u00 at Toneelhuis, Komedieplaats 18


Cameragas con Neve Bianca is a performance which stages the metamorphosis from a fairytale icon into a human being struggling to be present, through a physical research of sensations and feelings.

Snow White is the everyday teenager, symbol of the perfect future woman. Everybody thinks they know her story. But is this actually her true story? Everybody knows she loves nature, she loves animals, she loves everything. Everybody finds her very beautiful. Everybody knows she is the eternal single girl who maintains her virginity until her death. She is the only one not to find herself beautiful, the only one not to believe in this fairytale. She is feeling uncomfortable in those princess clothes, she does not want to be naive, pure and forever virgin; she would prefer to be attractive and free, even if she does not know what the word “freedom” means. She wants to try out many things in life, she has a fascination for darkness and for pain, emotional but also physical, why not, if it helps her to go deep into discovering more about herself and about what she really feels.