Boekhandel De Slegte

Wapper 5

Presenting Michal Luft

Michal Luft is a multidisciplinary artist, who uses an iconographic approach to translate and transforms images of vacant spaces and mundane objects into site-specific installations. Meticulously, she creates environments that are devoid of human presence and are charged with an unsettling undercurrent, silently anticipating something that is yet to come. By severing the ties between familiar elements and their hegemonic settings, Luft emphasizes the ways in which our surroundings are arranged and
monitored by culturally constructed symbols and conventions.

Presenting Laurence Petrone

'I am a sculptor and historian. I put objects, words and thoughts together, they make me speak. In this speaking, I start from the sensory qualities of things and myself. I attune these qualities to the qualities of a space. Both define each other and shape my artistic practice together with my apprenticeship of everything and everyone I recognise as a teacher. I write about them and about what I consider to be defining to sculpture in my book De Onversnedenheid. Over Sculptuur als Belichaamde Denking [The Uncut. On Sculpture as Embodied Thinking].' (Laurence Petrone)

… tap nu af bij de bron de mineralen van de nacht / eet zoete kool en bittere vernederingen slik dit gif / glij langs de kronkel van de tijd naar beneden

daal af de berg met de stenen tabletten / in je zakken de bodem is je vriend / sluit je ogen voor de haat want je handen / kennen de mais en de stenen het lood waarin je / je eerste letters en je eerste stappen hebt gezet… (Vincent Van Meenen over Laurence Petrone in Hart)