Aurora Obscene

Drag Performance
at Rebecca Verstraete
Mechelsesteenweg 84

Performing on Saturday November 27:
18h00 at Rebecca Verstraete – Interior.


“Transition” /tranˈzɪʃ(ə)n – the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. This drag performance will showcase the political, social, fashion and music changes through a period from former Yugoslavia (SFRJ) to the modern democratic 2000s in the Balkan region, mainly Republic of Serbia. I believe it’s important to represent the ongoing influences and issues our region faces due to the turbulent past and political events that took place in this part of Eastern Europe. I will perform a dance choreography and lip-syncs with a set of songs in Serbian language with focus on the turbo folk genre that is specific to our region. I wish to showcase my point of view as a young queer person and drag artist and bring an image of never-ending hope of our nation(s) through all the hardships and losses so people with different backgrounds and age groups can gain a sense of our mentality and history.